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35mm Negative Scanning

We scan your 35mm negatives into JPG files and burn them to a CD. 600dpi scans allow printing into 4 x 6 size prints...
Scanning price is based on the resolution that you require:

600dpi (suitable for printing 4 x 6 prints): .49 cents per scan
1200dpi (suitable for 8 x 10 prints): .99 cents per scan
2700dpi: $1.99 per scan

$3.00 charge per set of materials for each CD/DVD required to save your files for mailing to you.

We professionally scan each 35mm negative by hand - no automatic scanning ever. One person will individually place your negative into our special scanner, complete the scan and color correct your negative scan. At your request we can also touch up red eye and make other slight corrections.

Once your negatives have been scanned, you have a variety of options as to what you can do with them:

--the negative scans can be put on a DVD or CD so you can have photos printed of the scans

--we can import the scans and make an awesome DVD photo slideshow with your choice of music

--we can combine your negative scans with any video footage for a spectacular family DVD

--if you prefer the look of black and white, we can also convert your color negatives into crisp black and white

Because your negatives are so precious, you'll be happy to know that one person will work on your project from start to finish--no chance of getting your project mixed up with that of other customers. You can count on us to take excellent care of your negatives, and you will be very pleased with the results of our scanning services.