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Computer Lessons and Repair

Southern Maryland Customers only: let us help you learn how to use your Windows computer and many of the most popular software packages and resources...

You don't have to be afraid of the computer. We offer tutoring in Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Our tutoring sessions consist of YOU sitting at the keyboard and your instructor sitting next to you and talking you through your lessons. You only learn by DOING!!! We will accept any student from age 18 through senior citizens. Seniors citizens make the best students!!!

We shows you the ins and outs of the operating system, how to keep it cleaned, how to protect yourself from spyware and viruses, and anything else you request. If it's a specific program that you want to learn, that's fine. If you don't know what program you want to learn, just tell us what types of things you want to do with your computer and we will help you select a program that fits your needs.

We can also do computer repairs and setup in your home. Some projects we have done for other customers:

Set up a home network

Set up a wireless router

Set up a wireless printer

Fix viruses and malware and remove them from all computers