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Digital Videography DVDs

Videotape your special event and let us turn it into a keepsake DVD for you, your friends, and your relatives...

You videotape your special event (VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Video8, Digital8, MiniDV, flash drive, USB hard drive or MiniDVD format) and send us your tape, disc., memory card, thumb drive or hard drive. We turn your effort into a high quality, movie-style DVD with chapters. Supply us with other information (such as the program) from your event and we can print that information on the back of each DVD case.

Record your school events, sporting events, family vacations, anniversary parties, birthday parties, funerals, work promotions, work awards, summer camp visiting day, graduations, christenings, baptisms, religious events–record whatever you wish and send us all of the footage. We will create a professional DVD to commemorate your special events. If you prefer, we can put your new digital video file on a flash drive or hard drive if you don’t want a DVD created. We can even upload your newly created video file to Youtube, Vimeo or other online service or cloud service.

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Think about this - you could spend thousands of dollars to have a professional videographer record your special event. That money could stay in your pocket by choosing to have our service create your digital videography DVDs. All you need to do is film the video footage and send it to us.

We will combine your video footage and make your digital video files look great by taking the footage that you film and editing it into a professionally created DVD or digital media file.

Need some tips to increase the quality of the digital DVD that we will create? Here are some suggestions.

Start filming your footage early and wait before stopping the recording of your event. Remember - we can always cut out video footage that is not needed, but if you start recording your event right at the moment it starts (or if you cut off the end of the event) we can't create video footage out of thin air. Always remember that it's better to digitally record too much video footage than to not record enough video footage.

When recording, keep the video camera or smartphone as still as possible. While we can stabilize your video footage using stabilization software, it's much better if you record the video footage without shaking. The final digital DVD will benefit greatly.

Be aware of the sun when recording your video footage. Very bright sunlight can give vivid colors a very washed out look. When recording video at dusk, you will lose a lot of the clarity of your subjects. We can use some video editing special effects to transform and improve your digital video footage, but sending us your best video footage will definitely increase the quality of the final digital videography DVD.

Try to get close to your subjects when doing your video recording. In most cases the background isn't that important--it's the people in your video footage that you viewers will want to see. If you are filming at an event such as a beach vacation, record some video footage of the water, the beach, the boardwalk, etc. and we will sprinkle this footage in between your close-up footage of people when we make your digital DVD or digital media file.