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Fundraising DVDs

We transfer your event (concerts, sporting event, church program) to DVD. You order only the number of DVDs that you need and sell them at a price you set. Your organization keeps the DVD profits!

Fundraising For Your School or Organization

The easiest fundraiser ever! You videotape a musical performance, sporting event, talent show, etc. We take your video, make it into a DVD and charge you $10.00 per DVD. You sell them to the participants of the event for $12, $15, $ set the price and keep the profits! You only order as many as you need so you're not stuck with a pile of extra DVDs.

Here's an example. You have a middle school band with 100 members. Your band members order 75 DVDs at the price you set, let's say $ pay us $750 plus shipping, and your organization keeps the other $375.00!!!

You have a captive audience. No going "door to door" and dealing with those safety issues. NO SELLING CANDY! Sell DVDs of that championship football game. Take video footage all year at school and make a DVD yearbook. We will work with you to raise the funds that you need. All fundraising DVDs include DVD case and custom cover. Color DVD cases available for an additional charge.

***Note that for musical performances, you may need to secure rights from the music publisher. This usually means that we have to put an insert in the DVD case with the music publisher information.