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DVD Photo Slide Shows

We scan your photos and 35MM slides (or import your digital photos), add transitions and music, and you end up with a stunning DVD keepsake of your precious memories...

You choose the photos/slides you want and we'll create a scrapbook DVD or memorial DVD for the graduate, bride, memorial for a departed loved one, or even a favorite serviceperson. We can add your favorite songs as background music to make an unforgettable memory DVD or gift presentation.

If you have digital pictures that you can put on a disk or e-mail to us, or if you have (or can get) your photos scanned and saved on disk, your cost is $14.95 to import/encode the photos and $14.95 to make the DVD (plus $3.00 for case and materials). A good slide show consists of around 100 photos, but you can do more or less. We can scan your photos for you for .49 cents per photo. We can also scan your 2” slides (.49 cents per scan) and make your slide show from the scans.

If you want more than one slide show on the same DVD, each slide show (100 photos or less) is $14.95. Example--you want 3 photo slide shows on the same DVD. You would pay $14.95 each for the 3 slide shows and $14.95 to make the DVD ($3.00 for materials).

Extra copies are only $8.99 (plus $3.00 for the case and materials). You can add your favorite song(s) as background music for an additional $2.99 per song. If you only have printed photos that we will need to scan, your total cost for your DVD show is .49 cents per picture (minimum of 60 pictures), $14.95 to make the DVD plus $3.00 for case and materials.

We burn all DVDs on the DVD-R format which is compatible with 93% of all consumer DVD players. You can check the compatibility of your DVD player at: