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DVD Slideshows

We import your digital photos (or scan your photos, slides and negatives), add transitions and music, and you end up with a stunning DVD keepsake of your precious memories…(SAMPLE AT BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE)…

We use your digital photos, photo files, or we can scan your photos, negatives, or slides, add transitions and music, and you end up with an amazing DVD of your most precious memories…

You choose the photos/slides you want and we'll create a scrapbook DVD or memorial DVD for the graduate, bride, memorial for a departed loved one, or even a favorite serviceperson. We can add your favorite songs as background music to make an unforgettable memory DVD or gift presentation.

If you have digital pictures that you can put on a disk or e-mail to us, or if you have (or can get) your photos scanned and saved on disk, your cost is $14.95 to import/encode the photos and $14.95 to make the DVD (plus $3.00 for case and materials). A good slide show consists of around 100 photos, but you can do more or less. We can scan your photos for you for .49 cents per photo. We can also scan your 2” slides (.49 cents per scan) and make your slide show from the scans.

If you want more than one slide show on the same DVD, each slide show (100 photos or less) is $14.95. Example--you want 3 photo slide shows on the same DVD. You would pay $14.95 each for the 3 slide shows and $14.95 to make the DVD ($3.00 for materials).

Extra copies are only $8.99 (plus $3.00 for the case and materials). You can add your favorite song(s) as background music for an additional $2.99 per song. If you only have printed photos that we will need to scan, your total cost for your DVD show is .49 cents per picture (minimum of 60 pictures), $14.95 to make the DVD plus $3.00 for case and materials.

Let our professionally mastered DVD tell a unique story of your wedding, birthday, anniversary, mitzvah, graduation, homecoming, baby christening, baby birth, school play, school musical, reunion, or any number of your family's special events.

Some ideas from our past customers:

--DVD graduation slideshow gift consisting of the graduate's photos from birth through high school graduation

--DVD anniversary slideshow using digital photos from the time the recipients went on their first date through their latest years together

--DVD of all school events from kindergarten through college graduation

--DVD athlete slideshow using photos from all sports from middle school through high school

--DVD scrapbook slideshow of all family reunions from the past 50 years

And don't forget--it's no problem at all to put video footage and DVD photo slideshows on the same DVD!

Check out a sample below…

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Trust us with your professional DVD slideshow creation!

There are many choices involved in the creation of a quality DVD slideshow. Some of the choices belong to the customer, while other choices are in the hands of the DVD slideshow creator.

Number of pictures to use - you can use as many pictures in the DVD slideshow that you wish, but you also want to keep your audience in mind. For example, if you have 1000 pictures that you want to use from a family vacation, we suggest that you break up the pictures into 3-4 separate slideshows. By dividing up the digital photographs or scanned photos into separate slideshows, you can give each DVD slideshow a different emotional "feel".

DVD slideshow #1 might include just photos of the driving trip to get to your vacation destination, stops at roadside attractions, etc. and could include a road trip type soundtrack. DVD slideshow #2 might include photos of the major attractions during the first half of your trip. DVD slideshow #2 might highlight photos of the attractions and events of the second half of your vacation. And DVD slideshow #4 could show photos of the family all along the way.

Photo Transitions - we have thousands and thousands of transitions to place between the photos during your DVD slideshow. Many of these video transitions are simple and classic. Many other transitions are fun and whimsical. We try to match each transition to the flavor of each photo in your DVD slideshow.

Making the DVD slideshow photos pop! While there are instances where a traditional DVD slideshow are appropriate (i.e. just showing one photo after the other with a transition in between each photo), most of our customers enjoy our video motion DVD slideshows. You choose the order of the photos by numbering them, and also choose a speed for the DVD slideshow (slow, medium, or fast). Our job (along with your suggestions) is to make the DVD slideshow appropriate for your special event.

For example, photos from somber occasions look most appropriate when using a slow speed, giving your viewers time to reflect and reminisce about the person or people featured in the DVD slideshow. For most projects the medium speed works best, giving the viewer just enough time to see your photos while not leaving them bored and waiting too long for the next set of photos. We recommend the fast speed for such presentations as end of the year school DVD slideshows when you want to present many, many photos in a quick manner and a pulsating soundtrack.

Number the photos in your DVD slideshow presentation. It is critical that the order you number your photos matches the feeling that you are trying to convey. For example if your photos are from a wedding, you may want to number the photos in the order that they happened during the wedding day. Other brides choose to number their photos in bunches by the part of the event (bride getting ready, wedding ceremony, reception, etc.). We can help you choose what will work best for your particular DVD slideshow project.

Consider some video clips. If you also send us some video clips, we can incorporate them into the DVD slideshow to make viewing much more exciting. We can use picture in picture effects and other methods to show off both your event photos and event videos.

Music - you should pay special attention to the background music that you choose for your DVD slideshows. For road trips, vacations, fast moving sporting events, etc. you should choose fast music which keeps the up the intensity of the DVD slideshow. For more sensitive photos, slow and meaningful music can tug at the heartstrings of your DVD slideshow viewers.

Variety - there is nothing worse than watching a DVD slideshow that includes ten photos of the same family standing in front of the same vacation attraction. Pick the best photo or two in each group to use for the slideshow and you will be much happier with the DVD slideshow results. And so will your viewers!

Photo dimensions - many DVD slideshow customers worry because they send us a variety of different sized photos and the are concerned that this will affect the quality of the slideshow. No worries! Our sophisticated DVD slideshow software will automatically resize and convert your digital photos so that they will look their best in your finished professional DVD.

A final note - after creating thousands of DVD slideshows over the years, the most cherished DVDs by our customers contain the slideshows that are shorter in length. 100-150 photos at a medium speed will give you an approximately 20 minute long presentation and you will retain the flavor of the event photos without losing your audience.