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Digital Videography DVDs

Record your special event and let us turn it into a keepsake DVD or digital file for you, your friends, and your relatives...

You record your special event (VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Video8, Digital8, MiniDV, flash drive, hard drive, USB hard drive or MiniDVD format) and send us your tape, disc., memory card, thumb drive or hard drive. We turn your effort into a high quality, movie-style DVD with chapters. Supply us with other information (such as the program) from your event and we can print that information on the back of each DVD case.

Record your school events, sporting events, family vacations, anniversary parties, birthday parties, funerals, work promotions, work awards, summer camp visiting day, graduations, christenings, baptisms, religious events–record whatever you wish and send us all of the footage. We will create a professional DVD to commemorate your special events. If you prefer, we can put your new video file on a flash drive or hard drive if you don’t want a DVD created. We can even upload your newly created video file to Youtube, Vimeo or other online service or cloud service.

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