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Video Editing Services

We import your footage from VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, and MiniDV tapes, (or MiniDVD discs), then edit out bad sections, add transitions between scenes, and add background music if you wish...you can also send video files on a flash drive or USB hard drive.

We import your footage from your VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, Digital8, Hi8, 8mm tape, or MiniDVD disc, edit the footage and put it on to a brand new DVD, including a custom DVD cover and DVD case. Color DVD covers available for an additional charge. Editing is $30.00 per hour in additional to the import prices below. Editing normally takes between 1.5 and 2 times the length of your video footage. You can add your favorite song(s) as background music for an additional $2.99 per song or send along your CDs to use for a $10.00 flat fee!

Prices (by video length in hours/minutes):

:10 min. or less = $3.95 for DVD creation and $3.00 for materials

:11-:19 min. = $6.95 for DVD creation and $3.00 for materials

:20-:29 min. = $8.95 for DVD creation and $3.00 for materials

:30 min. to :44 min. = $9.95 for DVD creation and $3.00 for materials

:45 min. to :59 min. = $10.95 for DVD creation/$3.00 for materials

1 hour and up = $14.95 for DVD creation and $3.00 for materials

Once each original DVD is made, ALL DVD copies are $8.99 to make/$3.00 for materials. Tapes that are too long to fit on one DVD will be split into two sections and charged separately for each section according to the times above.

If you are sending high quality video (Hi8, MiniDV, Digital8, MiniDVD), you can get about 90 minutes of footage on a DVD without a loss of video quality. This all assumes that your video can be imported automatically. If there are large spaces and breaks on your tape, you will be charged for manual video import.

Please note: if you want to combine tapes on to one DVD, the fee is the same as listed above but you will only be charged for one set of materials. If you would like a backup data DVD of any tape, it is $14.95 to create the backup and $3.00 for materials. If the file is large, it will be split into two parts and the charges above apply for EACH half of the file. We burn all DVDs on the DVD-R format which is compatible with 93% of all consumer DVD players. You can check the compatibility of your DVD player at: http://www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers.php

So how does the video editing process work? At our company, one person will first digitize all of your VHS and camcorder tapes to separate MPEG files which are then located on our computer systems. Once your tapes are digitized, there are all sorts of possibilities as to what we can do with your family footage.

Removing bad footage: we can completely remove poor footage, blank sections and any footage that does not meet your needs.

Adding transitions: we automatically divide your family footage into scenes. Between each scene, we can add a simple transitions (such as a fade) or one of the thousands of other transitions that we have. We normally try to match a particular transition with your specific footage.

Adding background music: we have a large variety of royalty-free music that we can match to your footage, and base the volume so that you will still be able to hear the voices of your family members easily over the music. Some customers choose to have the voices removed completely and replaced with the background music in certain sections (such as at a large family gathering where it’s impossible to tell what the voices are saying anyway).

Special effects: we have thousands of special effects to use when editing your video footage. For example, we can make a section of your footage look like an old black and white movie. We can speed up the footage and add fast music in the background. The possibilities are endless.

Photos: did you know that we can add as many photos as you wish to your video editing? We can put the photos in the beginning of the footage, at the end of the footage, or sprinkle your family photos throughout the video–really anywhere that you want. As with your video footage, we can add all types of special effects and music to make a truly memorable presentation from your VHS tapes and camcorder tapes.

Titles: we can add all types of titles anywhere in your video editing. Titles can be superimposed over any video footage or photo in your production.

For the majority of our customers, the easiest way to accomplish your video editing is to have you write us a brief video script. For example: use photo 43, then the first 10 minutes of tape 2, then photos 1 through 7, then add from :21 to :29 minutes of tape 3, etc.

Imagine giving a gift to your children of a DVD that has been edited with their photo and video footage from the time they were born through their high school graduation. Our video editing service is personalized to fit the needs of your particular project.

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