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Video to DVD Transfer Services

We specialize in video to DVD transfer from VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Digital8, and MiniDV tapes, and MiniDVD discs. We can also transfer and convert video files from your flash drive or USB drive.

We transfer the exact footage (NO editing) from your VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, Digital8, Hi8, Video8, 8mm tape, or MiniDVD disc and put it on to a brand new DVD, including a custom DVD cover, movie style DVD menu, chapter points and DVD case. Custom color DVD covers available for an additional charge. Data DVDs available on request.

Prices (by video length in hours/minutes):

:10 min. or less = $3.95 for DVD creation and $3.00 for materials

:11-:19 min. = $6.95 for DVD creation and $3.00 for materials

:20-:29 min. = $8.95 for DVD creation and $3.00 for materials

:30 min. and up = $9.95 for DVD creation and $3.00 for materials

Once each original DVD is made, ALL DVD copies are $8.99 to make/$3.00 for materials. Tapes that are too long to fit on one DVD will be split into two sections and charged separately for each section according to the times above.

If you are sending high quality video (Hi8, MiniDV, Digital8, MiniDVD), you can get about 90 minutes of footage on a DVD without a loss of video quality.

This all assumes that your video can be imported automatically. If there are large spaces and breaks on your tape, you will be charged for manual video import.

Please note: if you want to combine tapes on to one DVD, the fee is the same as listed above but you will only be charged for one set of materials. If you would like a backup data DVD of any tape, it is $14.95 to create the backup and $3.00 for materials.

If the file is large, it will be split into two parts and the charges above apply for EACH half of the file. We burn all DVDs on the DVD-R format which is compatible with 93% of all consumer DVD players. You can check the compatibility of your DVD player at: http://www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers.php

Every family has them--boxes or shelves filled with old family movies on VHS tapes and camcorder tapes. You don't know what to do with them, but you don't want to watch them on your VCR anymore (if you still even have a VCR), and it takes too long to get out the cords that attach your camcorder to the tv so you can watch your old family memories.

The problem with keeping these old tapes is that over time, they will deteriorate. They will become brittle and can easily break when you try to rewind them. They are bulky and take up a lot of space since they hold so little information for their size. Humidity will also ruin the tapes, fade the colors and further damage the tapes.

The longer that you wait to send us your tapes for transfer to DVD, the lower the quality will be for your new DVDs as the new DVDs will look exactly how the tapes look when you play them.

Both VHS tapes and other camcorder tapes have moving plastic and metal parts which damage more easily as the tapes age more and more sitting in your house. While it is relatively inexpensive to save your family movies and memories now, the longer you wait the fewer professionals will be out their to convert your tapes to DVD.

When we transfer your tapes to DVD, we must make a digital copy of the information on your tapes and then transfer that information to the new DVD. We have professional decks that hook to computer systems.

We play your tapes and capture your important footage live, meaning that if your camcorder tape is 2 hours long, it will take 2 hours to live capture the video and sound from that particular tape. Once we have your family footage captured, we can (at your request) edit the footage.

We do not directly dub your tape to a DVD. Direct dubbing produces a lower quality DVD. Instead, once your tape footage is captured to a computer in the form of an MPEG file, the newly produced MPEG file is used to make your new DVD. This also allows us to combine more than one tape to a DVD which will save you money and materials.

To ensure the highest quality conversion to DVD, your tape should be in working order. It’s ok if there is a section of the tape that has been damaged, as we can skip over damaged tape portions and can still retrieve the good footage.

We also use Nvidia based capture cards in our equipment. You will be pleased with the high quality of our conversions and we welcome their comparison to any other video to DVD transfer service.

While some consumers will try to complete this process at home, we suggest that you leave it to the professionals. These are your irreplaceable family memories, and you want to be able to enjoy your new DVDs for years to come.

As an additional option, we allow you to send along either a USB flash drive or a Windows-based external hard disc and in additional to making your DVDs, we will also transfer the original MPEG files to your drive or disc so you always have a second backup copy of your original tapes.

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