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Custom DVD Projects

Our professional custom DVD service allows for the creation of custom DVDs which include both video footage and photos.

Our professional service can combine your video footage and photos into the same video file, or we can put separate photo chapters and video footage chapters on the same DVD.

In addition, we can create custom chapter points, custom menus, and custom movie style menus with music.

Contact us with some information about your project needs and we will quickly respond with ideas and an estimate for your custom DVD project.

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Our custom DVD projects service allows you to add many different media types into the same custom DVD project. We can add text, titles, scanned photos, digital photos, scanned slides, scanned negatives, digital video footage, transferred video footage, cell phone video footage, smart phone video footage, voice-overs, music--the possibilities are endless.

In order to use our custom DVD service, the best way for you to proceed is to create a sort of script that we can follow when creating your professionally produced custom DVD or digital media file. You can create this script in a general manner or can be as detailed as you wish.

A good custom DVD script will provide us as information as to photo order, where to insert video footage, what titles to create, where to add music, which music you want used...just like a Hollywood style movie.

Here is an example of a custom DVD script:

1. Add the title "Smith Family Memories" over photo #1 and use a script font for the title text. The title text should also be either yellow or tan in color.

2. Insert photos #2-#47 and play the song "Memories" in the background.

3. Add the first video clip after picture 47.

4. Etc.

You can see that you, as the producer of the custom DVD project, have a lot of control.

Since we have so much experience in creating custom DVDs, you may wish to allow us to sort your media into a special keepsake. We are more than happy to make many of the producing decisions for you.