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DVD Duplication Services

Our DVD duplication service will make exact copies of your original DVD on brand new DVD-R DVD discs. Each duplicated DVD is then inserted into a DVD case and the DVD case insert is printed to your design specifications (or we can design the DVD case insert for you).

Our professional DVD duplication services and their prices are dependent on the number of DVD copies that you need. Please contact us with the number of duplicated DVDs that you need and we will provide an estimate for your project.

No matter if you need one DVD copy or hundreds of duplicate DVDs, we can accommodate your project needs quickly and professionally!

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Our affordable DVD duplication service is available to the general public as well as business and government customers. We can digitally duplicate DVDs for both short run DVD replication and long run DVD duplication.

Our professional DVDs are reproduced to the exact standards of the original DVD disc. If your original DVD has been well used, we may recommend that you allow us to rip the video footage from the original DVD, create a new digital video file, and create a new DVD disc before completing your DVD duplication project. This will make sure that no disc imperfections are carried over to the replicated DVDs.

If you don't have an original DVD to produce copies from but you have video footage that you wish to use, you can allow us to create a professionally produced master DVD and then use the master to complete your DVD duplication project.

We offer quick turnaround times for your custom DVD duplication project. When your DVD replication project is completed, each individual DVD will be checked for quality in a DVD player to make sure it plays correctly.

We can produce just the DVD duplicate discs with no packaging, packed in windows sleeves, or at your request we can include heavy duty DVD cases with printed DVD case inserts.

Our disc duplication and DVD copying services are completed with the utmost care to provide both personal and business customers with quick access to affordable duplicated DVDs and packaging. We will stack the quality of our replicated DVDs against any other services.

Our affordable, professional quality duplicated DVD discs will last for many years and we're sure that you will be pleased with our professional DVD duplication services.