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Fundraising DVDs

We transfer your event (concerts, sporting events, church programs) to DVD. You order only the number of DVDs that you need and sell them at a price you set. Your organization keeps the DVD profits!

Fundraising For Your School or Organization - the easiest fundraiser ever! You videotape a musical performance, sporting event, talent show, etc. We take your video, make it into a DVD and charge you $10.00 per DVD (once the original DVD is made at regular price). You sell them to the participants of the event for $12, $15, $20...you set the price and keep the profits! You only order as many as you need so you're not stuck with a pile of extra DVDs. If you have larger orders, we can produce your fundraiser DVDs for even lower prices.

Here's an example. You have a middle school band with 100 members. Your band members order 75 DVDs at the price you set, let's say $15.00...you pay us $750 plus shipping, and your organization keeps the other $375.00!!!

You have a captive audience. No going "door to door" and dealing with those safety issues. NO SELLING CANDY! Sell DVDs of that championship football game. Take video footage all year at school and make a DVD yearbook. We will work with you to raise the funds that you need. All fundraising DVDs include DVD case and custom cover. Color DVD cases available for an additional charge.

***Note that for musical performances, you may need to secure rights from the music publisher. This usually means that we have to put an insert in the DVD case with the music publisher information.

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We know that coaching a sport, directing a band, sponsoring a Student Council or running a Cub Scout troop can be a thankless job, and you are ALWAYS trying to find ways to raise money for your club or organization. That's where we can help.

Our fundraising DVDs are such an easy way to raise funds that you will return again and again to work with our professional services. Imagine that your group goes on a special trip and performs during that trip. You provide us with video footage from all aspects of the trip (preparing, traveling, sightseeing, performing) and we'll create a fundraising DVD of the trip. You take orders from your group for ONLY the number of fundraising DVDs that you need, and you'll make a nice profit on each fundraising DVD that you sell. No such thing as over ordering, and if you find that you need more fundraising DVDs we can produce them very quickly.

There is no minimum order for fundraising DVDs. If you sell 13 DVDs we will produce 13 DVDs. You'll never get stuck with leftover inventory.

Choose our fundraising DVD service for a stress-free way to raise the funds that your club or organization desperately needs!