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Photo Scanning Service

We scan your photos individually, turn the photo scans into a DVD slide show with music, and provide a backup CD or DVD of your scanned photos. If you prefer, we can just scan the photos and place them on a CD or DVD without creating a DVD slideshow of your photos.

Whether you are having just photo scans created or if you have us create a DVD photo slideshow, we automatically touch up each photo and correct the color. We provide a CD or DVD backup of your scanned photographs for your future use.

We recommend that you place your photos in the order that you want them to appear in your photo slideshow, then take a dull pencil and lightly number the back of each photo in the order that you want them to appear (001, 002, 003, etc.). We can use these numbers as we scan your photos, and can them automatically import them in the correct order.

If you photos are not in great shape, we have additional services (such as dust and scratch removal) for an additional cost.

Contact us with some specifics about your photo scanning needs, and we'll get back to you quickly with further information and an estimate.

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Our photo scanning is done completely by hand--one photo scan at a time. Once the photo is scanned, one person will hand correct the color, hue, tint, remove red eye, and make any other correction that will enhance the photo scan.

Your photos are in danger of being lost, forgotten, ripped, faded--let us save them for you by scanning your photos into a lifetime lasting digital media file. Not only will you receive a data DVD that includes all of your photo scans, but they will be in a format that once copied to your computer can be uploaded to any of your cloud services for safe keeping.

Some of the most precious memories that you have, especially of friends and relatives that have passed, are your photographs. Our custom photo scanning service will preserve these special moments and memories for many years to come. You will also be able to digitally share the scanned photos with friends and relatives through social media and email.

We cherish your photographs just as much as you do. Each photo is carefully handled throughout the photo scanning process. We realize that you photos are delicate, and we will carefully handle them as if they were our own family photos.

The best part of our photo scanning service is that we don't just scan the photo and move on to the next one. We enhance the photo and make it look so much better than the original photo. You will appreciate how much time and effort we put into your photo scanning project to make sure that the resulting photo scans are markedly improved from the original photos that you send to us.

If the photos that you send to us for scanning are really old and have the white border around the edges, we can remove those borders at your request. We will crop your family photos and make them look the best that we can.

Most of our customers have their photos scanned at 300dpi (dots per inch). If you are planning to have any prints made from the photo scans and want to increase the size, we can scan your photos at higher dpi so that you will not lose quality when the size of the new prints increases.

Many photo scanning services use automated scanning equipment which feeds each photo automatically into a scanner. This automated equipment is notorious for jamming and can mangle and destroy your precious family photos. For this reason, we handle and hand scan each photo individually.

We are proud to do all of our photo scanning here in the USA. Many competitors will ship your photos overseas to be scanned by low skilled workers that care nothing about your family photos. We'll take outstanding care of your photos while we complete your photo scanning projects.

Once you have your photos scanned into digital format, they will not degrade. Whether you open one of your new digital photo files today or twenty years from now, it will look exactly the same. We pride ourselves on doing quality work for our photo scanning customers.