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Sports Recruiting DVDs

We create custom sports highlight DVDs to send to college and professional sports recruiters. Highlight DVDs for your sports team also available. At your request, we can use an arrow to point to your athlete at the beginning of each play so there is no mistake which athlete is being highlighted. Every sports recruiting DVD is a unique showcase of your athlete's talents. (SAMPLE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE)

Both high school and college athletes need to send recruiting DVDs to their respective recruiters for use in the recruiting process. Past projects produced by us include high school football, high school basketball, high school volleyball, high school baseball, and college football for NFL recruiting–all DVDs made from your best sports highlights.

If your son/daughter has any chance at being recruited at any level, coaches and prospective sports teams will want to see a professionally produced DVD or video file of their highlights throughout their sports years.

For these projects, we produce the DVDs in a format so that recruiters will be able to play your sports recruiting highlights DVD on both standalone DVD players and desktop/laptop computers. We can also upload your sports recruiting highlight footage to Youtube or any service you wish.

We also recommend adding an academic section and a character section on your DVD where your son/daughter can highlight their scholastic achievements and special areas, such as volunteerism, to showcase their character.

In addition, we can produce your sports recruiting DVD into sections which correspond to chapters on the DVD. You can have separate chapters to highlight freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years, scholastic chapter including an interview with a favorite teacher, and character chapter including highlights of your child's volunteering efforts in the community.

You can see a sample of our work in the Youtube video below:

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More information about professionally created sports recruiting DVDs…

Keep it concise! Sports recruiting DVD customers need to realize that when sending a professionally created recruiting DVD or posting sports recruiting footage to Youtube, the coaches and recruiters only have a short amount of time to view your presentation. We are well aware of this fact, so we recommend a beginning photo of the athlete's biography, and then hitting them hard right away with sports highlights. There is nothing worse than trying to watch a sports recruiting DVD and having to wait too long in between plays and video footage for the next play or highlight to appear. We'll make sure that your sports recruiting DVD is fast paced and action packed. Your professionally produced DVD will stand out among the thousands of recruiting DVDs that the coaches and recruiters will be viewing.

DVD cases. It is imperative that you include as much pertinent information about your athlete on the printed DVD case as possible. This ensures that the coach or recruiter can watch the athletic recruiting DVD while reading other necessary information. We recommend that you include text such as name, address, phone number, parents' phone numbers, twitter/facebook/instagram handles, school name, school address, school phone number, coach's name, coach's address, coach's phone number, names/addresses/phone numbers of references, names/addresses/phone number of local media representatives/reporters, and any other information that makes the recruiter's job easier.

What to include on your sports recruiting DVD. We recommend that you should not only include video highlights on your recruiting DVD, but photos as well. By including still photographs, you will be giving valuable information to the coaches and recruiters about the athlete's form. Whether it be a baseball stance, a football stance or a quarterback's throwing form, photos that highlight the correct form can be invaluable. For this reason, we strongly advise that the athlete's current coach be involved in choosing photos that show the athlete using the best form possible for their particular sport.

Multiple DVD files. There are endless possibilities as to what to include on the professionally produced sports recruiting DVD, but we advise that you divide your DVD into sections. This gives the coaches and recruiters the option to watch what they need when they need it. On the main DVD menu, the viewer should be able to choose from such areas as game highlights, a complete game, interview with the athlete, interview with the player's coaches--whatever meets your needs. It is critical that you college sports recruiting DVD also include video and photos of what the athlete does off the field, such as Student Council meetings, volunteer activities, church activities--anything that will help your student athlete stand out over other sports recruits.

College sports recruiting and scholarships. We understand that earning a college sports scholarship can be critical for your athlete and your family. In order to increase the chances that your student athlete is recruited to the college or sports club of your choice, you should not try to tackle the recruiting DVD on your own. Allow us to use our experience and expertise at creating high school recruiting DVDs, college recruiting DVDs, and even professional sports team recruiting DVDs. Spend the money and effort now so your chances of receiving a scholarship or a look from professional sports teams are as high as possible.

Video formats and media formats. You should also think about having your athlete’s sports recruiting footage placed on multiple formats. For example, many coaches now prefer to have digital files of their sports recruiting candidates at their fingertips for watching on their leisure. Coaches may be taking a plane, train or car trip and have time to watch the recruiting footage on an iPad or other tablet computer. These digital files are much easier to keep with them than stacks of recruiting DVDs. In addition to creating your professional recruiting DVD, we can upload your footage to the cloud or to any video service of your choice (such as Youtube or Vimeo). You can also copy these digital media files on to thumb drives, and include the thumb flash drives along with your recruiting DVD when sending them to potential sports coaches.