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Wedding DVD Slideshows

Let us fix your wedding photos and turn those priceless wedding photographs into a DVD slideshow with the music of your choice. (SAMPLE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE)

We import your digital wedding photos (or scan your wedding photos/slides) and turn the wedding photographs into a superior quality photo slide show on DVD with your choice of background music. For very little money, you will have created a quality wedding keepsake. We can put both wedding video footage and a wedding photo slide show on the same DVD.

If you have old slides of a wedding, we can scan 35mm slides, Super 35mm slides, 126 slides, 110 slides, 127 SuperSlides and 127 slides. We then turn the scans into a stunning DVD slideshow with music for your family to enjoy for years to come.

Contact us with some specifics about your wedding DVD slideshow project and we will get back to you quickly with our recommendations and estimates.

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Wedding DVD slide shows are not just for after the wedding ceremony is over. Many of the friends and relatives of the bride will not be familiar with the groom, and many of the friends and relatives of the groom will not be familiar with the bride. We can create two separate video files on the same DVD, one of the bride and one of the groom, which show each of them from birth, growing up, school events, family events, etc. so that your guests at the reception can stop by and watch the DVD playing. There is no quicker way to introduce friends and relatives to both the bride and the groom as well as their families.

After the wedding and honeymoon are over, send us every photo you can get your hands on (both the professional photos from your photographer as well as amateur photos taken by family and friends) and we will create a special wedding DVD slide show that includes every possible moment from your special day, as well as later days on your honeymoon. We'll be happy to create stunning montages of your special wedding day.

If you have friends or family members that were not able to attend the wedding, sending them a copy of your wedding DVD slide show is a special way to thank them for their wedding gift.

Our professionally produced wedding DVD slide shows are not the same old "one picture after another" presentations. We use sophisticated software to give your wedding photos a very professional, movie/documentary style feel. The final DVD product uses a variety of special video effects that will add motion and bring your wedding photos to life. We are careful that transitions used will match the feel of the wedding photos, and of course you get to choose the mood of the wedding slide show by choosing all of the music!

Having a professionally created wedding DVD slideshow will protect your precious wedding memories forever. You will be able to relive your special wedding day over and over. The best part about wedding DVD slide shows is that if you have a roomful of friends or relatives visiting, you can play the wedding DVD slide show and everyone can enjoy the presentation at the same time. When you only have wedding photos in an album, only two or three people can enjoy them at a time.

Don't forget that we can also add video to your wedding DVD slideshow. You can add video footage of the bride and groom giving an introduction to the presentation. You can add video interviews of wedding guests. You can add video footage from your special honeymoon--whatever you desire!

Share your love story over and over with a custom produced wedding DVD slideshow. If you prefer, we can make the presentation into a video media file which can be stored on a flash drive or hard drive, and it can also be uploaded to online video services such as youtube or vimeo.

Don't forget about the wedding engagement! We can add wedding engagement photos at the beginning before the actual wedding day photos.

Your memories may fade, but watching your wedding DVD slide show will bring those loving memories back into focus so you can enjoy them time and again.