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Wedding Video DVDs

Let us fix your wedding photos, turn your wedding photos into a DVD slideshow with music, edit your wedding video, or put your old wedding videotape to a brand new DVD…

Let us transfer your wedding tape to a DVD, or send us the footage of your wedding so we can edit your wedding video into a truly special professional memento DVD.

Wedding videography can be a huge expense for the bride, groom and their families. Why not get the same product for much less money?

Have a family member or friend videotape your wedding (VHS, VHS-C, Video8, 8mm, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV or MiniDVD format, or send us a memory card/flash drive with your wedding footage). Send us the wedding footage and let us turn it into a professional movie-style DVD. We can edit the video footage to your specifications, add background music, etc. Why spend all that money for a videographer when you can have a professional wedding DVD made from your footage at a fraction of the cost?

If you already had a wedding tape made of your special day, send us the tape and we will do a video to DVD transfer or we can edit the wedding footage following your directions.

Did someone videotape your wedding and you're just not happy with the results? No need to worry--just send us the wedding video footage and we will create a lasting keepsake of your wedding day.

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Even though wedding are now recorded and delivered to the bride and groom on DVD or digital media file, this was not always the case. Many wedding couples have recorded videotapes sitting on a shelf on in a closet, collecting dust and degrading over time. It's time to send us your wedding videos, wedding tapes and wedding photos so we can create a brand new custom wedding DVD that includes the wedding preparation, wedding ceremony, wedding reception, wedding toasts, wedding gift opening, honeymoon and also your wedding photos. We can either produce a wedding DVD that has separate video and photo sections, or we can create a wedding DVD file that includes the wedding video footage with wedding photographs sprinkled throughout the presentation.

Digital wedding DVDs or wedding media files are far superior to analog videotapes and digital tapes, not just because they will last for many years to come but also because the new digital wedding DVDs will not degrade over time. They will look exactly the same whether it's the first time you play the wedding DVD or the thousandth time you watch the DVD.

When choosing wedding DVD chapters for the wedding DVD, most of our customers request that we use the invisible DVD chapter method. Invisible chapters are placed every 3-5 minutes throughout the entire wedding DVD meaning that every time you press the "next chapter" button on your DVD remote control, you will skip ahead 3-5 minutes in the footage every time you press that button. This allows wedding DVD and wedding media file customers the chance to quickly skip through the wedding DVD so they can quickly arrive at the area of the DVD they wish to watch at that time.

A second option for creating the wedding DVD chapters is the "wedding event" method. In this option, we place chapters only at significant events in the wedding DVD such as the wedding guests arriving, the entrance of the bride, the wedding ceremony, the wedding vows, the reception arrival, the reception, the wedding toasts, the bride throwing the bouquet, the groom garter ceremony--any special area of the wedding that you wish to have a separate chapter created.

For the wedding DVD menu, we have many DVD wedding motion menus available which include music. You can also choose to have a wedding video clip or a wedding DVD photo as the background for the main DVD menu. Please note the if you choose a wedding video clip, that clip will loop every few seconds. If you choose a wedding photograph for the main DVD menu background, that photo will remain static but music can also be chosen to play in the background on a loop.

We creative all of our custom wedding DVDs on the standard DVD system rather than Blu-ray DVDs. There is a simple reason for this--standard DVDs can be played on the vast majority of DVD players and computers that are in use, while Blu-Ray DVDs must be played on a Blu-Ray DVD player or a computer which has a Blu-Ray disc drive, and these Blu-Ray devices are much less common. To alleviate any compatibility issues, the standard DVD format works best for your custom wedding DVD memories.

The goal for your wedding video DVD is not only to preserve the recorded video footage of the wedding events, but also to create a lasting memory memento so that any time you view your professionally created DVD, you will relive the feeling and emotions of your special wedding day. Since it's the most important day in a couple's lives, our job is to use every video editing skill in our arsenal to not only keep the wedding video footage preserved, but also to add professionally created DVD motions menus, timeless music, classic video transitions, and quality special video effects to make sure you remember your special wedding day for years to come.