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Our professional video to DVD transfer service specializes in video to DVD conversion and video editing. We transfer and convert from videotape and camcorder formats VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Digital8, Video8, 8mm, MiniDV as well as MiniDVD discs and most digital video files from smartphones, flash drives and hard drives. DVD photo slideshows; photo, slide, and negative scanning; DVD duplication; mixed DVDs with photos and video footage; custom projects for individual and business customers. We ship to all 50 U.S. States as well as Canada and Puerto Rico!

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We ship anywhere in the U.S. and Canada!

No payment up front for most projects.

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We have done projects in all 50 states.

When you do a video to DVD transfer, you will be preserving your family or business video footage for one hundred years or more. With any type of tape media, estimates are that they will only last about 20 years before the color starts to fade and the sound also fades from the tape. Let us convert your video files to DVD to make sure that precious memories are not lost.

Save those memories for another generation by having a video DVD project done today! We can do VHS tapes, VHS-C tapes, 8mm tapes, Hi8 tapes, Digital8 tapes, and MiniDV tapes and use them for your DVD transfer project. We also scan 35mm slides, Super 35mm slides, 126 slides, 110 slides, 127 SuperSlides and 127 slides. Supply us with the urls of your Vimeo, Youtube, etc. video files and we’ll download and work with them for you.

Our video to DVD transfer service is second to none. While most businesses only make a DVD copy of your original videotape, we do a video to DVD transfer that incorporates invisible menus and chapters, just like a movie DVDs. If you need excellent service and great prices for your video transfer, look no further! We also offer DVD duplication.

Most services give you the prices for the bare minimum video to DVD transfer (DVD doesn't have a custom DVD cover, DVD menu, or DVD case). All of our DVD conversion projects have a DVD main menu which includes the title of your DVD and custom DVD cases with your DVD title. We constantly check out our competitors' offerings, and keep our prices LOW. Don't be fooled and order a cheap video to DVD transfer that comes to you in a cardboard mailer!

We convert and edit your video footage and burn it to a DVD-R disc. Keeping your new DVD upright and away from direct sunlight will help you get many years of use from your project.

Feel free to email us with any questions you have about your project. We also recommend that you order a second copy of any video to DVD transfer project and keep it in a safe place away from the original so that you have a backup of your video to DVD transfer project in case of fire, flood, etc.

What should you choose for your videotape to DVD transfer? Your wedding videotape. Your family memories videotapes, reunions videotapes, holidays videotapes, children growing up videotapes. Your business meetings videotapes, training videos and videotapes. All of your family vacation footage videotapes, honeymoon videotapes.

Other family events such as graduations, birthdays, baptisms, kids participating in sporting events, births, sweet 16 parties, school events, and school plays also work. Have us make extra DVD copies for grandparents, relatives, and friends. We can also make recruiting DVDs for your high school athletes to send to college coaches.

DVD-R is our DVD of choice because it is compatible with over 95 percent of all consumer DVD players.

Tapes, Video Files and Discs Converted and Transferred to DVD - Time Limits:

For VHS and VHS-C tapes, we can get about 2 hours 15 minutes of your VHS footage to DVD.

For 8mm, Hi8, Digital8 and MiniDV tapes, we can get about 2 hours of your 8mm tape footage to DVD.

For MiniDVD discs, we can combine 30 minute discs and get about 2 hours of MiniDVD footage to DVD.

For video files, especially from smartphones, please inquire about time limits per disc.

Do you have video files stored on Vimeo, Youtube, etc.? We’ll be happy to download them for you in order to complete your video to DVD project or we can transfer your edited video files to USB flash drives or external hard drives that you supply.

We offer video to DVD transfer, DVD duplication, videotape transfer services, video file creation (mpeg2, quicktime .mov, mp4, etc), making new DVDs from your existing DVDs, DVD photo slideshows, photo scanning, 35mm negative scanning, 35mm slide scanning, and recruiting DVDs for athletes and their parents to send to college recruiters.

Our video editing services also allow us to combine photos, video, titles, music, etc. into one beautiful keepsake archive DVD for your family memories. If you prefer just the video files instead of DVDs, we will export your newly created video files to an external hard drive or large capacity USB thumb flash drive.

Every video conversion we complete is done individually. We also guarantee that one person will work on your project from inception to its completion. We use absolutely no automatic equipment when scanning or working with video files.

We also offer professional extra services such as video color correction, lighting correction, special effects, manual DVD chapters, custom DVD menus, light videotape case repair, removal of blank video spaces, removal of poorly filmed footage, custom titles, and stock music. If you own CDs of music, we’ll be happy to use your supplied music in your video to DVD editing project.

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